About Me

Why, hello! I’m Becky, the one in the middle.

I’m a life photographer. I love light, I love LOVE, and I love laughter. Like the relentless, hurt your guts, belly-shaking until you cry kind of laughs. Other loves include finding bands that my husband has never heard of, hipster glasses, dark roast coffee, tucking my kids snuggly into bed at night, and getting stamps in my passport.

And, I love storytelling. I graduated college with a Degree in English Literature, and since I was a tiny girl, I’ve always been obsessed with stories. Sad ones, happy ones, scary ones. A favorite was the BFG by Roald Dahl. My imagination was wild, colorful, and curious. Still is. But, now I have a camera, and I’m not afraid to use it.

Yes, today, I wear many different hats, but I am still the great Wonder-er. Also, Mom. Wife. Bill-payer. School and Activity Dropper-Offer. Sometimes Gym Goer. And Photographer.

One glorious day, the luckiest one, I became a mom. I fell in love with my life again, and photography, and started telling my family’s story. And I would love to tell yours.

My eyes are my lens. I embrace and chase natural light, and I have a knack for capturing unique moments with a little bit of whimsy and oodles of life. I specialize in on-location newborn, family, and wedding photography. I love to capture perfect grins, but prefer everyday quirks and moments. No rushing, no fussing, no pressure. Our session is about YOUR story, and I want to know you!

Want to know more? Let’s do this!